Creamy Parmesan & Spicy Tomato Skillet Eggs

Part of the #CravingsChallenge52 recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s ‘Cravings Cookbook’. 52 amateurish attempts. 

I’m all for breakfast food that looks kickass and makes you feel like you have to exercise for three hours straight after you’ve finished it. As I flip through the Cravings Cookbook (trust me, the pictures are to die for), I went for the recipes that look super-tasty and also easy to make. You know, baby steps and all that.


I started the process by googling the difference between a skillet and a pan. Chrissy (I’m crediting this part to her American genes) mentions cooking in skillets a LOT. The whole book is basically skillets and Kosher salt. Is a skillet different to a pan? Are they the same thing? Is skillet basically American for pan?

Despite my googling exploits, I bought something which is probably more a pan than a skillet. My excuse is that it is harder to find skillets than pans in Bangkok. I could only hope that the entire enterprise does not hinge on the difference.



For the Creamy Parmesan eggs – Skillet (pan?), parmigiano-reggiano cheese (as expensive as it sounds), cream, thyme, salt, black pepper, butter, and eggs. Many, many eggs.

The recipe serves two people. In my infinite wisdom, I figured that I should make half that, considering I am attempting two recipes on the day and there were only me and my younger sister Jetaime who would be eating everything. This was the first of many mistakes I made that day. I’ve decided to list them all here in glorious bullet-point format:

  • The skillet (not pan, because SELF-DENIAL) is too big for a smaller portion of the recipe. When poured, the cheese and cream mixture did not cover the entire skillet.


  • I was supposed to get “heavy” cream, not just “cream”. I did not know the difference.
  • The (half) recipe required 1/2 tablespoon of butter over medium heat. I went all Gordon Ramsey on it – basically I thought it looked cool to just add more of the ingredients I love in flowy and animated fashion. Turns out more than 1/2 tablespoon of butter did not go down so well.
  • Ah. The cheese. Too much of it. Like the butter.

I mixed the cream mixture, cooked it over medium heat, and then cracked two eggs into it. I was supposed to “cook until the egg whites are set but yolks are runny, 2 to 3 minutes”. However, my electric stove is hard to read. It can be more temperamental than my relationship with Game of Thrones. A couple of minutes stretched to six or seven until I was yelling, “YES, BUT ARE THE EGG WHITES SET AND THE YOLKS RUNNY?!?”



Finally, Jetaime had to tell me that I would be burning the entire dish if I cook it any longer. I removed the skillet (HA!) from the stove and transferred the food onto a plate. Add a piece of bread and some thyme and voila! We were ready to dig in.



It was the creamiest and cheesiest breakfast food I have ever tasted. Probably too creamy and cheesy due to the (unnecessary) liberties I took. A valuable lesson was learnt.

Just follow the recipe.

For Spicy tomato skillet eggs with prosciutto – skillet, tomato sauce, red pepper flakes, salt, prosciutto (expensive parma ham-like strips that taste like HEAVEN), extra-virgin olive oil, oregano and eggs.  Many, many eggs.

This dish is incredibly easy to make. I’ve already made it twice, and both times it took me (ME!) less than twenty minutes! The only mistake I made was getting the wrong kind of tomato sauce. In the book, it states that I should use 4 cups of Perfect Tomato Sauce. The recipe for that is on page 82. Being the lazy person that I am, I thought tomato sauce out of a can would suffice. Criminal! So I went to the store, hunted in the “Pasta” aisle and got two cans of what I assumed were tomato sauce. To my horror, Jetaime pointed out to me later that they were two cans of tomato puree with tomato chunks in them, and NOT two cans of tomato sauce like I believed they were. Serves me right for trying to think I know better than the person with a cookbook.



Still, we soldiered on.

Tomato puree in the skillet, season it with pepper flakes, and cook until bubbling. Crack the eggs into it and put in strips of prosciutto. Then, after 8-9 minutes, drizzle some olive oil, garnish with oregano and serve with toast. Eat it right out of the skillet.



If you’re at least capable of making buttered toast, you are definitely capable of making this dish.

Valuable lessons? Tomato sauce and tomato puree are two different things. And prosciutto will be the death of me. Thank God it is so expensive.


Photographs by my sister Jetaime. You can check out her baked goods at @mudhouse.official

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