46 Thoughts I Had Watching Liverpool VS Tranmere Rovers

  1. I think Kloppo has new glasses, but I can’t be sure.
  2. Apparently, today is John Achterberg’s birthday. How good is Achterberg, really? Do we know? Does anyone know?
  3. Still not over how handsome Loris Karius is. Even the hideous colour of his kit can’t disguise his good looks.
  4. How many good looking keepers are there? Weirdly, come to think of it, not many.
  5. It’s 1am here in Bangkok and the kick-off has been pushed back 15 minutes. How dare they?!?
  6. Kick-off is delayed because of congestion. CONGESTION. 
  7. Pretty sure our new training tops are redder and brighter than they were last season. Blindingly so.
  8. Brad Smith’s accent is fascinating. Is it Aussie? Scouse?
  9. I’ve decided that it is Ausscouse.
  10. Firmino’s ponytail is the absolute business.
  11. There are actually some people trying to get “Liverpool, Liverpool”  and “Fields of Anfield Road” going in the crowd. My head’s gone.
  12. Ejaria looks gooooood. At football, I mean. JS94514425
  13. Just now realised that I have a mop in my bedroom. This is an interesting development.
  14. Why do I have a mop in my bedroom?
  15. Geez. This Matip lad is tall.
  16. Lucas has had a haircut. I repeat, Lucas has had a haircut.
  17. Ejaria might just be as good as Lionel Messi.
  18. That’s it, I’m getting Ejaria’s name and number (53?!?) on the back of my shirt for this season.
  19. Oh, the bromance that is Kent and Ejaria.
  20. Lovren just Loven-ed himself, and then Lovren-ed himself again to get out of it.
  21. Lovren is now a verb. I’m starting a campaign. Hashtag Lovren-ed.
  22. Is Firming’s first touch shit? Or is it just Firmino being Firmino?
  23. The crowd lets out an ‘ooooh’ when Karius makes a save. It might just be because of how his hair flies when he jumps.
  24. Ejaria > Mane
  25. Our defence of set-pieces is still shit.
  26. Shouts of “SAKHO SAKHO” rings out, declaring the news that he’s been cleared of doping charges. Fuck you, UEFA.
  27. Matip is also capable of Lovren-ing himself.
  28. Just realised my LFCTV stream is behind by a few seconds.
  29. But who cares?
  30. Mane looks good in patches.
  31. Pretty sure the first team players are absolutely knackered here.
  32. The academy players, however, are in FIFA mode.
  33. I’m best friends with Flanno in my head. We talk a lot about Game of Thrones, pizza and Alberto Moreno’s hairstyles.
  34. Firmino getting these misses out of the way before the season starts. I’m sure of it.
  35. ANDRE WISDOM IS ALIVE! Andre Wisdom is a red. Andre Wisdom plays for Liverpool. Scouser born and bred.
  36. Wonder what Bogdan and Balotelli are doing right now. Chess? Boardgames? FIFA? My money’s on them playing with Mario’s piglets.
  37. Oops. Turns out Bogdan plays the second half. Jurgen knows best.
  38. Trent Alexander-Arnold. My hero, my mate. Number 66.
  39. Mustering some effort to care about this second half team. Failing.
  40. This is great, though:Cm3cCfhW8AAK-5b
  41. How hard is it to score a goal? Pretty hard, judging from this game, especially if your name is Danny Ings.
  42. Scratch that. He finally scores. I can go to bed.
  43. Although pyro in Bogdan’s penalty box might just change my mind. What the hell.
  44. Pyro. In Bogdan’s penalty box. Just think about it.
  45. Klopp looks super bored. Klopp is us. We are all Klopp.
  46. Pitch invasion. The Reds, I tell ya.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

3 thoughts on “46 Thoughts I Had Watching Liverpool VS Tranmere Rovers

  1. I started following your blog because of the Peaky Blinder’s post. And now this! What are the odds that we both support the same team?


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