25 Things I’ve Learnt Now That I’m Twenty-five

  1. Your hair falls out a lot. Don’t worry. You’re not going bald.
  2. Shower crying is the best crying.
  3. Always think before you speak.
  4. Choose your battles.
  5. Re-clasping your bra while driving is harder than you think it is.
  6. Being a football fan means being in a constant state of torture. Don’t do it. Get out while you can.
  7. You’re not going to marry Oscar Isaac or Diego Luna. You’re just not.
  8. Exercise is never going to be fun.
  9. There will always be whispers in your head. Just write.
  10. White people are the worst. No, seriously. They are.
  11. Make an effort to stay in touch with your friends.
  12. Don’t drink lemon iced tea first thing in the day. You will get a caffeine rush and probably crash your car.
  13. Travel whenever you can.
  14. Thai food is the best food in the world.
  15. Do not sing in public.
  16. Liquid eye-liners are rubbish. Use the pencil ones.
  17. Women don’t owe ‘nice guys’ shit.
  18. Don’t compare yourself to your favourite writers when you write. Otherwise, you will not write anything at all.
  19. Being a man who can write about love in beautiful verses does not make you a man who’s any better at loving.
  20. Eating an entire bucket of popcorn by yourself sounds like a good idea, but you’ll feel like crap afterward.
  21. Just because someone is better at arguing does not make them right.
  22. You are never too old for fantasy and science fiction. 
  23. Always stand up for what you believe in. Don’t stay silent on things that matter.
  24. When you’re feeling down, put on a pair of heels. It helps.
  25. Creativity can save your life.

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